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Red Velvet Ice Cream | Something Swanky


Red Velvet Ice Cream | Something Swanky


A lot of people have asked me if I was really drunk while shooting. The answer is no, I was not really drunk. I did get drunk one night for research, though.

It only took four drinks. After each drink, BJ would check in with me, asking, “How do you feel now? What’s different?” He made me describe, in detail, the various levels of drunkenness. It was interesting because after the first two drinks, I said, “I feel really buzzed and dizzy.” I was laughing a lot. By drink No. 4, I said, “I don’t really feel drunk at all. I feel normal now.” BJ said, “Really? Because you are talking really loud and you just almost fell over.”

I’m obsessed with the mess that’s America

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I made some art with string!

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#HeyUSA [x]

Lost Minimalistic Poster >: Swan Station 

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